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25 weeks down, hopefully a bit less than 15 to go

So, as usual, I’ve been busy and while that always led to a certain amount of tiredness, I’d say that lumping the bump around makes me a more tired than “normal” (read pre-pregnancy/offspring).

Mid last week I had a bit of a freak out over how life will not be normal for a long time, if ever again. I can expect years of tiredness. *Years*. My body will not be the way it was before. I will always have this other person who is dependant on me.

Freakout, caused by life and tiredness, may have led to some weeping. Then I told myself to harden up and go to bed early. I have made life choices and I am pleased with them. If I wasn’t pregnant I’d be upset over that! I can be a silly Giffy indeed. Getting 9 hours that night definitely helped.

25 week pregnancy whine:
Sweets is taking up a whole bunch of room. I’ve become unweildy and can’t squeeze past people in doorways, I got stuck trying to walk between 2 cars in the staff carpark, wing mirrors defied me! Rolling over in bed has become a big effort, but staying in one position is untenable.
Sweets is also taking up room inside me. This makes all aspects of digestion that much harder. Also can lead to me needing the toilet more as Sweets has decided to wriggle *on* my bladder. When I lie on my back my breathing is constricted. People keep looking at me and saying “not long now” as my belly is round and proud I look quite far along to some, but I’m only 25 weeks. I’m not even 2/3 of the way through! I know I want Sweets out before Christmas, but not this much before Christmas. I’ve also started to get some pain in my pelvis and lower back.

25 week pregnancy bliss:
My wiggly baby just cheers me up. Also, Sweets is quite a good little show pony and will often wiggle when people I love are wanting to feel it. What a good baby 🙂 My belly is growing in such a way that it is a very *pregnant* shape. This is very satisfying to me. My mum says she grew out the same way 🙂 My students are very interested and caring. It’s quite fun being at work.
I also can’t believe how many things I am being gifted and lent. My MiL is weaving us a basinette/basket of flax and my Mum is tackling a lacy knitted blanket! I feel so blessed and loved. I’m sure it isn’t all pregnancy hormones 😉
I have much more energy than I did at earlier stages in the pregnancy and while moving is harder, once I do get moving, I enjoy it. eg on Sunday I walked to the shops to meet Beau et al after church and then we went to the zoo. That day with much walking around I felt better and slept better than any other day of the week. I really must try to exercise more. Swimming and walking are both good. Pregnancy yoga, which was too easy at 17 weeks is now something I really look forward too.

Hopefully I’ll manage a post in the next while with no mention of pregnancy in it. It could happen! I def have food stuff to blog about. I even took some pictures.

Point of Fashion: Blobby
Current Obsession: Baby shower. I had an anxiety dream about it the other night. I didn’t say it was a positive obsession.

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