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Hope for Vegetables

I’ve been wanting a garden for a while. A few things have influenced this.

1) teaching a Horticulture unit 3 years ago. Seeds germinated and grew in much less than perfect conditions. We managed to grow beans in pots! If we managed to do that, I can grow veges.

2) There are teenagers nowadays who don’t know where veges come from, don’t realise that peas grow in pods. It’s a horrifying idea to me. I want to have a garden so that I can share it with others.

3) I find it a really fun thing to pick fruits and veges and eat them. I find it really fun to share that with little kids too. Especially sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes, things you can eat straight away.

4) I’m inspired by the vege gardens of others. I want a piece of that action!

So, my Mum and cousin Cool came over and cleared out an area. Then Beau and I went shopping and bought a whole bunch of seedlings 🙂 Then he, Ants, Mum and Cool planted them (I was weeding).
– money maker tomatoes
– cherry tomatoes
– yellow tomatoes
– sugar snap peas
– dwarf beans
– beetroot (I want to see if I like them more fresh)
– a zuchinni
– an apple cucumber (it looked so cute!)
– a cape gooseberry (I love their little lanterns, quite like the taste too)
– some herbs, (I forget which ones, plus Mum and Cool added some others, including Vietnamese Mint!)

I have some carrot seeds I haven’t planted yet, but hopefully will soon. In pots I have garlic, strawberry plants and a couple of orangeberries too.

I’m hopeful that I get something to harvest in a few months. I worry about the cold snap that we’re currently experiencing. However, if some do die, there are a few more things I would like to plant, aubergines and scallopinis. If they don’t die… imagine the ridiculous amount of tomatoes. Omnomnom

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