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33 weeks 2 days

Currently I am counting down. Not to the due date, but to the day I finish work, next Tuesday. So many things have been put off to then. This includes doing any Christmas present organising, packing a bag for the hospital, washing copious amounts of baby clothes, actually sorting through the things that people have gifted/loaned me, getting a hair cut, doing maternity/pregnancy photo shoot (I have a photographer, but no clear idea what I want, I do have some ideas about what I don’t want) etc.

So much stuff to do. First things first, I need to get healthy (shaking off a cold now) and finish work.

Things I have to look forward to after finishing work:
Having time to visit with people (have 2 other pregnant women booked to visit me next Thursday).
Having time to do craft (there is sewing, knitting and kitchen-y stuff I want to do).
Sleeping in.
Hydrotherapy courses.
Baby shower (catching up with a bunch of people will be good, recent cold has sadly meant I have missed out on some socialising).

Things I am not looking forward to when I finish work:
Getting bigger and bigger and tireder and tireder and more stretch marky until finally I pop… I mean give birth.


Point of Fashion: Why did I wear a white top??
Current Obsession: Prepping my seniors.

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