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Busy Day in the life of Giffy and Sweets (15mo)

Sometimes Beau will come home and ask me what I’ve done in a day and I feel like I must justify my existance as a Stay-at-home-Mum. I feel like he is demanding evidence to show why I get to stay at home and he goes to work. At times like this I often blank and feel like I’ve done nothing. Today was not one of those days.

This morning Sweets and I picked up a friend each and headed to the pool. We splashed and chased and she drank a bit too much pool water for my liking, but meh. On the way home both toddlers fell asleep. Sadly FOSweets woke during the transfer to bed. Happily Sweets was so tuckered out she slept almost 3 hours!

While she was asleep I hung out togs, had lunch, made butterscotch sauce, pootled online and then another playdate arrived. This has happened quite a few times now that A and L arrive and Sweets sleeps and sleeps. Nevermind, we had fun, hot chilli chocolates and gember koek (ginger cake?) 🙂

*Then* my parents and my brother arrived from Airport. Brother is here on holiday, he is normally in Thailand. Sweets conveniently woke then. Got some playing done with L, got some cuddles from her Yai. A and L went home. Bro started making calls and texts to various friends. So, I left Sweets with her Yai and Da(/Dha/Tha/Ta?) went outside and weeded the vege patch.

Beau got home near the end of weeding time. My Parentals and Bro left. I prepped dinner, we ate, Sweets is now in bed and I am planning to go out to a friends house for some sewing (well, probably pinning and cutting).

Feeling good.

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  1. Donnelle | March 31 2011 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

    That’s why I keep those to do/ ta da lists on my LJ.

  2. karen | March 31 2011 at 9:35 pm | Permalink

    The “doing nothing” days are important for Sweets and you… maybe more important than all the other stuff.

    One of the reasons we come to Welly less now James is old enough to justify his preferences, is that what he wants most is time to be at home, play with his toys, draw, be read stories, go for bike rides and walks to the playground or to the dairy for icecreams, cook or garden with me… “Boring” is going out and doing things he doesn’t want to do… My kids never have time enough to do all the at home stuff they plan… which i think is a weakness of our lifestyle! Just hanging out at home with Sweets is awesome, because you teach her so much more… and maybe you’ll teach her to value it, so she won’t be as conflicted as my generation (and even yours) about the home-work/paid-work dichotomy!

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