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Silver Kiss LARP – an NPCs POV

So, this weekend past, I crewed in the debut run of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon: The Live Action Roleplaying Event written and run by my fabulous friend, Jenni Dowsett. I’ve played in and even GM’d the tabletop version and when I heard Jenni was writing a LARP version, I was keen to play in it. However when she did the call for crew, I put my hand up and I’m really pleased I did.

The crew consisted of a bunch of people playing NPCs (non-player characters) whose job was to drive some of the storylines and to make sure the players were having a good time. The game is set at a highschool dance and the characters (PC and NPC) were made up of both students and adult chaperones. NPCs had a higher adult to student ratio. We had a crew meeting the day before the LARP and talked about various storylines and our roles in driving them etc. It was really neat being on the “inside” like that, being part of a team with a common goal and knowing what was in store for the players.

My character was Kelly, a stereotypical mean girl cheerleader. I was to spread rumours, go along with my BFF (PC head cheerleader, Chris), find out more gossip, bother people, flash my shiny silver cross covered jewellery around and over-react to lots of stuff. Jenni actually gave me an “exposition high-five” for a job well done at one point. Several people didn’t realise I wasn’t a PC and in truth, there wasn’t much to differentiate us NPCs from the PCs, only that we didn’t have goals in the way the PCs did. As one of the other NPCs said to me that night, “I have to keep telling myself not to try and solve anything”.

It was so great watching the various storylines unfold. Giving hints here and there. Just knowing I was part of it.

Various highlights:

Sharing a piece of cake with “Chris”, we each had less than a cubic centimetre.
The dirty *dirty* photographer!
Screaming (I have a really good scream and *surprise* don’t get to let it out often).
Slow dancing, just to see how the principal would react.
Forgetting about the “no touching” rule and cuddling up to a PC in the corner, only to get seperated by a teacher *and* the principal.
Fornicating sealife!
Being shocked when people were mean back to me.
Watching the staff dance.
Being convinced that I was the only normal person in the room 😉

Point of fashion: dressing up jeans
Current Obsession: Preserves

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  1. Jenni | April 18 2011 at 7:57 am | Permalink

    You were such a good NPC, I was really pleased to have you and the others there. It made getting information and little details out there so much easier, and I’m glad to hear you had fun as well.

    The main difference between your character sheet and a PC’s one is that you had more information on people and less opinions, if that makes any sense?

  2. Giffy | April 18 2011 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    That’s right. Plus I had more info even than on the sheet from the Friday night meet up.

    If you are re-running, I would recommend Kelly to anyone. Also, while I did have a bunch of info, I still didn’t know what was going on in a lot of plots, plus the game is written in such a way that what happens depends a *lot* on the players on the night. Thus I figure it’d be still be possible and fun to be a player in a re-run.

    I really liked Jarratt’s comment on the night about how you had written the characters in such a way that it was up to the player whether they were evil/bad or not.

  3. Brooklynne | April 18 2011 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    to think I put one set of fornicating dolphins up when setting up the rest and halfway through the dance they had all “hooked up”

  4. Jarratt | April 19 2011 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    “I really liked Jarratt’s comment on the night about how you had written the characters in such a way that it was up to the player whether they were evil/bad or not.”

    I think that is actually a really important skill in writing characters for these kind of Larps. Sure not everyone is going to be gray, but giving people room to actually make the character there own and pay the way they want to play is definitely the way to go.

    I thought it was done in the Superhero Larp, though possibly with less success because there might have been less storylines, or less storylines that everyone could get into. But the characters were still excellently written. Thinking about this more I wonder if that is a nature of superheroes though. The humans and superheroes didn’t cross over their storylines as well as humans and supernaturals do. But I think supernaturals want to be human, while superheroes want to protect humans. So superheroes will try and keep their plot to themselves to protect the humans. And this probably isn’t that the game isn’t written well, but more that the nature of superheroes and what we know about them influence the way that players play them. With supernaturals you want to interact with the humans because that is what supernaturals do.

    I thought it was there in Betrayals and Betrothals, which admittedly Jenni didn’t write, but it is where I first noticed it. That the character I played could be played as really evil, really scheming, or even mildly playful was excellent.

    I think given that some players like playing evil over emo, while others like being good over nasty means that giving broader characters is ideal. It also means that reruns will be interesting and different stuff will happen when different players play different roles.

  5. Giffy | May 4 2011 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    lol, Well done Kyo! Muggle, my sis, was playing Alastair and did the rest of the dolphins I think.

  6. Giffy | May 4 2011 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for your thoughts on this Jarratt. For some reason I didn’t get the notification on this comment, hence the long time to “approve” it.

    Did your thoughts on these last few larps influence you in writing the larp-larp?

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