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So, I’ve moved

I really can’t deny it anymore, because I am so well moved that I have started working again. Le sigh. I managed to get some time off between moving and working, mainly due to Beau also being at home for a few days. It was pretty much awesome to be hanging out with him.

It’s funny, because in some ways, I’ve moved to end up back in the same place. I’m back working in the same place I was at and back in the same house I was in. We’re even back in the same bedroom we were in before. There are definite changes though. For one thing, the house is now my and Beau’s house, whereas before it was my and Muggle’s house and our flat, I guess. There is still stuff we want to do around the house, eg electrician still needs to come and do a bunch of rewiring (and repair our oven), builder still needs to come and fix up the kitchen ceiling, insulation needs to be sourced and sorted, and I personally need to do some potting and planting (garlic, strawberries and orangeberries). I do think though, that when you come into our house, you feel the difference between it now, being owned and lived in by a couple versus to then, when it was owned and lived in by sisters (plus various friends and lovers). It’s nice that there is a definite difference.

I’m back at work, but this time I’m not planning to save and then stop work to go overseas. I’m planning to save and then stop work to have a baby. Being pregnant is a pretty big change and getting bigger each day, it feels like. It’s quite fun going back to the old work place. There is some new staff and many new students, but enough remember me (and fondly) that I feel really welcome. In some ways I feel sorry for the “new” staff. Who *is* this person who has come waltzing in and seems to know everyone? But then, I’m used to being that person after going away to Uni and coming back to hang out with my highschool friends. Various “new” friends have commented on the oddness of it.

Anyhoo, I guess we should probably have a house warming sometime, especially while it is so cold. It’s just, we’ve spent so much time tidying the place up, I don’t really want a large group of people coming and messing it up (I have a big hate against finding beer bottle caps tucked around the place later on). I’m sure I’ll get over it soon. Maybe when I’ve managed to get a sewing desk and tidied up the spare room. Still weeks away no doubt.
Oh yeah, and I have a new blog. It’s like the old blog, but you know, new 🙂

Point of Fashion: Comfy, Comfy work pants
Current Obsession: Being warm, did I mention I got a new duvet? So good.

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