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So close to 2 ( and well in 3rd trimester)

Sweets continues to amaze and delight (as well as drive me to hair pulling and frustration, but you know).
This morning she had an imaginary friend! Mei from My Neighbour Totoro (Sweets’ favourite movie). She’s been into playing with her dolls etc for ages, feeding them and putting them to bed and taking them to the toilet etc, but this is the first time she’s played with something/someone that *wasn’t there*. It was pretty adorable and she carried Mei on her back (“back pack”) on the journey to Playcentre, but once we got out there was no more mention of Mei.

We also had a shared birthday party for Sweets this weekend past. As Sweets would say “Ovvy party, E-yo party, Mama party”. Eyo is Sweets’ friend who is 4 days older than her. They get along really well, which is awesome as his Mum and I get along really well too. It was pretty much just friends with kids (plus Sweets’ local relatives). We hired Playcentre for it, filled up the Kai table and just let the kids play. The only organised thing was the cake (Eyo was awesome at blowing out the candle, Sweets made me blow out hers). It was nice and chillaxed. I think future birthday parties shall be like this too!

Eyo’s mum and I wanted to have food that was easy, but also not just chips and colouring and sugar. I provided:
chocolate cake
asparagus and bacon in puff pastry
cheese rolls
1 packet of salt and vinegar chips because I LOVE THEM

A did:
orange cake
fruit platter (grapes, strawberries, watermelon)
cheerios w tomato sauce
rice wheelie things (they’re chippy-like, but puffed rice)
fairy bread

We also made a “juice” made up of drained tinned fruit, blended and mixed with sparkling water. Plus my Mum made fresh spring rolls.

It worked out well. The party was really just a morning tea 10-12, so we didn’t feel pressure to provide too much food. Sweets probably spent a good half of the party at the Kai table happily munching away and socialising. Even though all the food was eaten, I’m sure we could have gotten away with less. Some parents spent a fair amount of time grazing too. The cakes and cupcakes didn’t come out until about 11.20 when we sang “Happy Birthday” etc. I’d thought it would just be cupcakes for the kids, but interestingly the older kids (3-5) really felt like they had to have a Piece of Cake. It was a requirement. Even though the cupcakes were exactly the same recipe and had icing and sprinkles too.

Another thing we took into account re:catering was that one of our attendees was allergic to eggs, so we were egg-free. Luckily the cake recipe A and I use is super easy and while egg (and dairy) free, it is not at all sugar-free and tastes great!

Now to remind myself for next time, Asparagus and Bacon puff pastries:

Puff Pastry
Streaky Bacon

1) Cut a puff pastry sheet in half, place 2 pieces of bacon and 1-2 bits of asparagus on each half.
2) Roll up and cut into 4-5 pieces.
3) Repeat until you run out of something. (You can now put in fridge until about 45min before serving, I prepped the day before)
3) bake in preheated oven until all puffed up and brown.
4) enjoy the taste and the compliments.

One last thing, I don’t recommend having even a chillaxed toddler party when in third trimester. I recommend staying at home and resting as much as possible. Do as I say, not as I do!!

Mowgli is a good little wiggler. Measuring slightly large for dates, head down and apparently not giving me gestational diabetes.

Point of Fashion: not PJs or trackpants!
Current Obsession: Christmas. Also, does Beau really think he can get away with doing *NOTHING* to prep for it. SERIOUSLY????

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