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First Cold, first food

Sweets (aka Dougal, bubba goose, and “Noo Noi khong khun Yai”/Granny’s little mouse) is now almost 5 months old and is still doing well. She is currently in the throws of her first cold (a jumped up sniffle, no fever or cough), but continues cheerfully with the aid of saline drops and karvol sprinkled cloths. We’ve been mostly housebound as I want her to recover asap so that we can continue to attend our various activities (playcentre, antenatal “coffee” group, plunket “coffee” group). She’d be fine if we went, but I don’t want the other mothers to blame me if their baby gets a cold. Should be less of an issue in a few more months when they’ve all come down with their first illnesses.

Sweets continues to get her nutritional requirements met via breastmilk, but she has recently become a bit of a pain at meal times, trying to swipe my food (cracker with pate is a baby no!) and getting upset that she can’t join in. She’s very good and sitting up (many seconds unsupported) and has been grabbing and gumming her toys like a fiend, so we decided to let her grab and gum food-type stuff. Her first was a bit of raw carrot that Beau and I grew ourselves! It survived her attentions unscathed although well covered in drool. I’m sure there will be another first food when Sweets actually swallows something!

In case you were wondering why we didn’t start with a puree. It’s because I’ve decided that we’ll predominantly be going the Baby-led Weaning route, which pretty much means the baby feeds themselves. I imagine there will be some Sweets feeding, if only because the whanau will want to have a go, but I’m leaving that until at least 6 months! Food for fun until they’re one! Etc 😉

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