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Weekend for me

So, this weekend been I spent most of my time in Regency dress. This was significant for a few reasons,
1) I made my ensemble
2) I was out at both public and private events
3) I left Sweets home with Beau

1) The stuff what I made consisted of a boned petticoat, a white short puff-sleeved dress and a bonnet. I also wrapped a scarf into a turban for regency evening headwear awesomeness. Click on links for tutorials/tips if you are interested in doing similar 🙂

I’ve made myself various costume stuff before. This is first time I’ve made myself a dress (looking back, everything else has been seperates). The dress was actually very straightforward. I was silly and cut two of one sleeve, but that was fortunately not a big deal. Most exciting thing was doing the darts on the petticoat. Star helped with the fitting, but it’s the first time I’ve ever done my own darts. I really should make more time to sew as I have fabric and patterns all bought, but don’t make the time to actually sew them up into useable things. We’ll see.

2) I was out at a two-day event in my outfit with bonnet. Day one just straight regency (and I was caught on camera, my Dad and MiL both spotted me in the background of a news piece). I looked very pretty and while out and about that day was “Aww”‘d at by a couple of older women! Day two I got make-up done and it was Regency Zombie! I was costuming with friends and one joined me in Regency zombie fun 🙂 She opted for much more full-on zombie make-up than me and grossed people out with her infection site (it was a big bite near her neck)! Her costumed highlight was turning around and growling at a guy who had stepped on the back of the dress. He was mightily shocked 🙂

I also got to wear my new clothes to a Regency evening party LARP. I was the daughter of the house. Wore my turban with an ostrich feather and a brooch in it too. I also wore a pair of gloves I made for my first cosplay ever, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts (I made 5 pairs of gloves, enough for our whole group). Betrothals and Betrayals was mighty fun, but I don’t want to give too many details in case it gets re-run. I’ll talk to you in person though, if you want. April is a month of LARPing for me, got two more this month!

3) Now, Sweets has been left with Beau and various others, the big deal about this was the length of time I was away. The Saturday wasn’t so out of the ordinary, Sweets went out with me in the morning and I put her down for her nap before going out for the afternoon. Was back to help with dinner and bedtime before heading out againt too. However, I was out Sunday for 8+hours in a row. This meant Sweets had to go down for a nap without me or any nom. I wasn’t sure how this would work and imagined Beau having to take her for a long drive to get to sleep. No such drama! She apparently fell asleep very easily for her Dad. I know she doesn’t need Bmilk anymore, but I thought she’d still want the ritual of feeding before her nap. It’s great and kinda freeing to know that she was not bothered, but it also makes me a wee bit sad. My little girl is growing up! I know it’s what we want, but still.

Anyhoo, busy weekend doing stuff on “my own” left me very tired, but it also recharged my Mama batteries.

Unrelated, I made Quince Jelly today! First time using a jelly bag. It looks lovely and tastes good (licked spoons). Hopefully I get a good set, will know tomorrow. Also, if I buy more sugar, I shall make Quince paste with the pulp 🙂

Point of fashion: Practical, but not jeans
Current obsession: Fruit jellies and pastes

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