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33 weeks 2 days

Currently I am counting down. Not to the due date, but to the day I finish work, next Tuesday. So many things have been put off to then. This includes doing any Christmas present organising, packing a bag for the hospital, washing copious amounts of baby clothes, actually sorting through the things that people have […]

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29 weeks 5 days

So, I’ve been having to tell myself recently to not take everything my body does (pregnancy wise) personally. It’s not like it’s out to punish me. I don’t blame baby (which is good, right), but I do occasionally rail at Beau. After all, how fair is it that I: -can’t roll over in bed without […]

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25 weeks down, hopefully a bit less than 15 to go

So, as usual, I’ve been busy and while that always led to a certain amount of tiredness, I’d say that lumping the bump around makes me a more tired than “normal” (read pre-pregnancy/offspring). Mid last week I had a bit of a freak out over how life will not be normal for a long time, […]

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Technology, you are mine once again

Ahh, we have the internet at home once more 🙂 Well, we actually always had it, but we went over our plan cap and were having to pay per gig. Brrr. How could we not know that in NZ the gig cap is based on download and *upload* traffic??? Anyway, I have my sweet ‘net […]

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Provisional Membership

I am currently a provisional member in a club. It’s one with a long family tradition in *every* family, so you’d think maybe anyone could get in. You’d be wrong. No men allowed! Although there is a Man’s Auxillary. After that, the membership criteria can get a bit funny. At one end are women desperate […]

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