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A wealth of friends, an embarrassment of gifts

Our Sweets is now a little over a month old and still continues to delight us. She’s a good girl who eats and sleeps and plays. Not much more you can ask for in an under 6 week old (she also wees and poos, but that isn’t really interesting unless you are a parent). We’ve taken many photos of her and recently ordered the photo we’ve chosen for our “Thank-you”s. It’s the first picture I got of her smiling, she’s only 10 days old!

Things are going well and people keep telling me how beautiful she is and how good I look. I attribute my goodness to the awesome support I have received from friends and family. Eg In the past six weeks, the number of lunches or dinners Beau and I have had to prepare for ourselves would be less than 10. We haven’t bought that many takeaways either! Most of this has been thanks to my Mum who comes over almost every day with food. Another huge shout-out has to go to those who provided baking. Esp Zeph who gave me individually wrapped fruit muffins. Kept in the freezer, these are quickly defrosted for a quick breakfast or snack that can be eaten tidily with one hand. An important factor when breastfeeding. When asked by others what can they provide, this is one of the things I ask for (Debz gave me dinosaur shaped ones!) and one of the things I recommend to other new mums (or soon to be mums).

Another example of the generosity of others is Sweets’ clothes. Or the fact that we have yet to buy her any! She is entirely outfitted in clothes given and passed down by our wonderful friends and family. Of special note are the clothes that have been made for her. Jexia personalised a white long-sleeved top with her name. It’ll be a cool reminder of how small she was. Unfortunately there are some clothes(0000 or newborn size) she has never been able to wear as she is a big girl. It won’t be long now ’til she moves up to the next size of clothes. She’s going to be in things labelled 3-6 months by the time she’s 2 months!

I’ve been so touched by the thoughtfulness of others. My friends’ Mums were an unexpected source of affection. Their desire to see me and Sweets (and give us presents!) makes me realise I have a place in their lives beyond just, that friend of their daughters. It also makes me look forward to being a granny one day, because seriously, my and Beau’s mums seem to love it, and my friends’ mums are getting as much vicarious granny action as they can!

However, there is one downside to all this wonderful generosity, namely the 50+ thank-you notes I feel compelled to write. You can see why we still haven’t managed our Wedding thank-you notes, right?

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

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