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Immunisations are Traumatic

My baby, Sweets, (aka sweet pea, little pea, squeaky pea, chubby cheekums, Cheekums McGee, the chombilator) is now 6 and a half weeks old and in NZ if you believe in immunisations, you get your baby immunised at 6 weeks. So off to the Doctors we went.

Both of us got a clean bill of health and the GP got to be the 3rd health professional in 2 weeks to say… “Her father is tall?”. Sweets is not a little 6 week old. She’s in proportion though! We then headed to the Nurse’s rooms where they got me to *hold Sweets down*! Oh, poor pea, she’s busy smiling away and charming all as usual when the nurse injects her and it is all very upsetting. I was prepared for this though. Both injections were swiftly done and then a cuddle and a feed and she was ok and then cuddled and patted by her Yai (Thai word meaning maternal grandmother) until she fell asleep. Things progressed as normal (waking up at home, playing some more, feed, nappy change, back to sleep) until a little over 5 hours after the injection.

Sweets was having good long nap and began crying out in her sleep. She does this sometimes, normally she’s hungry, although this cry was a little more desperate than usual. Nevermind, she’s been asleep about 3 hours, she’s probably hungry, I think. So, I wake her. Saddest baby ever. Inconsolable. Won’t feed properly, too busy crying. We still try both sides. So much crying! Even taking off her nappy (one of her favourite things) doesn’t help. I even tried feeding her with no nappy on. Still sad. This was not my happy girl, my chirpy cheerful child. My Sweetie is not a cryey baby. She’s a happy, sociable one. This is so unlike her usual self it really upset me. Plus, we needed to get home (I was at my parents). Luckily, she began to settle down and while she was grumpier than normal over the next day or so, she was ok. Overall, I was more upset than her!

Why did the Doctor not think to offer us a Pamol script? Who knows, I think possibly she was distracted by seeing my Mum too. I was quite upset at the time not to have it to offer to her (I may have called Beau saying we needed a Pamol Script, that Sweets was so upset and obviously hurting that not giving her Pamol was like *torturing* her), but when she calmed down, I was pleased I didn’t. If I had offered her Pamol, I would have thought that it was the cure for her distress, when in actual fact she started feeling better anyway. I took her temp when we got home (uneventful car ride and she had a good feed when we got back) and she was running a slight fever. Poor lamb.

Anyhoo, we had quietish days today and yesterday and she’s back to normal and I’m back to “normal” too. Yesterday (wed) was a bit hard for me, as while she was mostly back to normal, I had wicked hayfever and was still a bit high strung after the day before (and the 3 days before that had been pretty full on too). Plus had an unexpected visitor meaning I didn’t get a midday nap. I did get an evening one though and my hayfever meds kicked in, so today, a delightful day of blobbing finds us both completely restored.

Just in time for another busy weekend!

Point of Fashion: I *can* fit prepregnancy jeans, but trackpants are still comfier
Current Obsession: Putting fruit in brandy, I did some peaches and blueberries today, now I’m eyeing up some pears…

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