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Unbeatable on a good day

Today, Beau, Sweets and I had lunch with my Mum and then we walked along Oriental Parade in the sunshine and got gelato. So good. So happy to be where I am 🙂

Sweets (aka Bubba Goose aka Mama’s little baby aka Spillsa) continues to grow and thrive. She is 10 weeks old and really is a happy wee thing. I was surprised going to coffee group to hear that others babies are grumpy in the evenings. So much so that one Mum makes sure to visit her partner in the day so he can see cheerful baby and another Mum says that her baby hates his Dad. Because he always cries when his dad gets home. 🙁

Sweets isn’t really inclined to grumpiness. Beau and I have this thing when she gets tired and it is time to put her to sleep that one must *not* make eye contact. It is a big NO, because if you make eye contact with those big blues she will smile at you and you will be sucked in to playing with her! Oh, she’s a tricksy creature 😉

Now for some baby tips from me, to me (future me, who might forget and/or get lazy).

1) Don’t be lazy! Seriously, make sure you wind that baby thoroughly *and* check her nappy before trying to put her to sleep. Because if she has a burp in her or is wet then a stupidly large amount of rocking *will* put her down, but she’ll wake up in 10min or an hour when she would otherwise nap for three due to discomfort. Plus, if you do spend the 3-5min to wind and change her you will more than save that time in rocking.

2) Continuing with not being lazy, stop trying to feed to sleep. See above note about winding and changing. She’ll go to sleep, but just wake up again sooner and you won’t get your sweet internet/baking/sewing/nap time.

3) Burping refresher with the Baby Whisperer:

4) Try not to go to bed any later than an hour after than Bubba, because she’s not going to let you sleep later.

5) Wash new brightly coloured clothes seperately. Otherwise you get annoyed with yourself when things turn pink and/or blotchy.

6) Don’t use your back like a crane. That baby is growing daily and is not puny.

7) Make sure you eat and drink lots. Otherwise you get cranky and noone likes that.

8) Enjoy your time with your Pepi. They change almost daily and each day there is something that makes it special. Even the days where you have to do a lot of laundry due to Pepi’s amazing bodily fluid production 😉

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