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Almost 6 months!

Ok, so I didn’t want this blog to be all about my baby and life as a SAHM, but that’s what I’m busy with all day, so, Oh well.

Sweets (aka Scratchums MacClaw aka Wriggle Bum Biggle Bum) is turning 6months next week. She continues to thrive and delight. She’s doing more *things* now, which is pretty neat. For example, 2 nights ago she started splashing in the bath! Slapping her hand down in the water. Last night she had her flannel and would slap that down into the water a few times and then suck water from it.

I’m amazed by her drive to survive, ie, how good she is at eating (and drinking). She is *loving* baby led weaning. One of our favourite foods (she likes to eat it and I like how it doesn’t make much mess) is a chinese green, Chinese broccoli or Kai-lan (in Thai, Pak Kha Nar). She gets given the steamed stems and just munches and sucks all the juices out of them. She gets some fibres etc too, but it’s mostly the liquid. She is very funny when she eats because she takes it very seriously and when she gets a bit of solid food in her mouth she goms at it with a very confused expression. Today I also let her spoon feed herself pumpkin soup. I simply loaded up the spoon and then handed it to her to shove in her mouth. Messy but also wonderful!

The soup is what Beau and I had for dinner yesterday, I just made it up with less salt than usual. While Sweets is weaning herself onto solids, Beau and I have been weaning ourselves off salt and it hasn’t been as hard as I thought. Mum was really surprised the other day when she had some roast veges at our house and I told her I hadn’t added salt, she hadn’t even realised. There was kumara, carrot and parsnip. You could really taste the flavours of each vege, so you didn’t need salt. Might not work so well with potato. I cut them up into stick shapes to make it easier for Sweets to manage.

In other milestones, Sweets cut her first tooth a few days ago and is a pro and rolling from her back on to her front. She can also roll front to back, but isn’t as good at it, or maybe she just likes being on her tummy more? Once she’s on her tummy she often pivots around grabbing at things she wants (pretty much anything in reach).

Sweets and I have been going to SPACE which is a programme run through Playcentre for parents (mostly Mums but we have one Dad in our group) with new babies. Each time we have a discussion topic (eg sleep, BLW, heuristic play etc), an activity (making a toy or artwork), afternoon tea and we finish with songs. Sweets *loves* the singing. She has favourite songs that are pretty much guaranteed to make her smile and wriggle. 🙂 I don’t think anyone was surprised by her liking music and singing!

She has also developed set sleep patterns (fingers crossed that me writing about it doesn’t cause it to change). Going to bed between 7 and 8pm and getting up 6.30-7.30am with a morning and afternoon nap. Beau and I were rocking her to sleep each time, but it was beginning to take more and more time, esp as she has gotten more vocal. She would be lying in our arms, eyes shut, but vocalising away. We were getting in the habit of putting her down after a bunch of rocking (still wriggling and squawking), leaving the room for 5-10min and returning to take it up again. She wasn’t ever crying though. So we thought, if we leave her longer, maybe she’ll go to sleep on her own. Well, she does (60-70% of the time, sometimes life and activities intervene and she gets overtired and *needs* rocking)! It’s funny though, Sweets is not a hugely vocal baby, but when she’s settling to sleep you hear her babbling away enough for two babies!

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