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Wait… I have a 10 month old?

Sweets (aka Grumplestiltskin, the wiggler, Gumbersen, lovely bubbly, the Terror, curious George, cute pea) continues to change and amaze and is going through a freaking adorable stage (no bias of course). She does so much stuff now, it’s crazy. Please exuse me as I record and gush over her…

She loves clapping and claps along to songs, esp “if you’re happy and you know it”. She’s quite sociable and is already (pround Mum much?) into passing things to people. She has played passing “games” a few times with adults and toddlers too. As an extension of this, she thinks feeding me or Beau is *hilarious*.

She has really gotten into waving in the last few days. Last night she waved her way to bed. At the recent family reunion she cuted people out with waving hello. I may even have heard her say “Hi” one time. Fluke? Possibly. Awesome? Definitely.

On with things she says, she says “Ha ha ha”. Surely she is too young to understand social laughing, but she does say it at appropriate times. H visited with her 16month old yesterday and he is into a big phase of copying noises, so they “ha ha ha”‘d back and forth for a bit. She also likes “Da da da” and “ba ba ba”. There are other consonants and vowels too, but those are the current favourites, still no sign of “Mama” though.

Beau and I are both sure we have seen her doing some “baby sign”. We’ve seen her definitely signing for “milk” (breast) and “finished”. She has also been seen “waiing” for Hello and thank-you in Thai. My Mum is regularly coaching her to say “Yai” (maternal grandmother). She does sometimes make a noise similar to Yai. With her age and level of development, it’s difficult to say whether she is doing things on purpose or just randomly, at least until she is doing it a lot.

She’s been properly crawling for a while now and roams around getting into everything. She is very inquisitive and has a penchant for handbags. If one is left in the lounge she is right there and taking things out one by one to examine. She is also getting very good and pulling herself up to standing. She entertained Chelle and me yesterday with her determination to get Chelle’s handbag from just out of her reach on a chair. She got it too! She is working on cruising on furniture, but is still more inclined to drop back down, crawl a bit and then pull up again.

Now less cute, but more to help me remember:
She is still napping twice a day and waking at night.

She is eating 3 good meals a day, plus drinking a fair amount of breast milk. She gets quite grumpy if she doesn’t get her food when she wants it! If you are eating something she wants she flaps her hands and squawks! She is very good with her sippy cup, but is actually quite good with a regular cup too. She’s had soup a few times from a chinese tea cup and made surprisingly little mess. She feeds herself with a preloaded spoon. I’m not ready yet for the mess of letting her spoon itself out. Otherwise has lots of finger foods. Loves meats and mushrooms. Quite fond of brocolli. Doesn’t really like mashed kumara or potato. Bread and rice wafers are also favourites. She loves her Khao Tom… I really need to do a seperate post about her food. Maybe tomorrow?

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