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So, I have a one year old and like all normal one year olds, she is amazing.

This morning I woke up (Beau was letting me sleep in) to the sound of her hooting. Sweets is really into making animal noises, she barks for dogs, aiows for cats, hisses for snakes, clip clops for horses, ooh ooh ah ahs for monkeys and Rahs for lions, tigers and bears (oh, my!). Anyway, I thought she must have been reading the Gruffalo’s Child and said so when her and Beau appeared in the room. That was not the case, she had started hooting in lounge, so Beau told her to find the book then, instead she went into her toys and pulled out a soft owl ornament (made by Jenni). Sweets then showed me the owl, kissed it and passed it to me to kiss too (hooting the whole time).

Yeah, she’s really into kissing her toys right now. So Cute!

Anyway, after the kissing, Sweets scrambled half onto me and signed in succession “Eat/food” followed by “Milk/Breastfeed”. It’s the first time I’ve seen her really combine signs like that! I started to cuddle and sit up, telling her she would get Nom (thai word for milk/breast) and she kept scrabbling and signing “Milk” and started to say “Mumumumum”. Bless! She then had a good feed while cuddling her owl and lifting it up to me to kiss too. Funny monkey (ooh ooh ah ah!).

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