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The teenage months

So, people talk about the terrible twos, what they don’t tell you, is that they start when they are one. Yup, you have this gorgeous biddable baby who turns into a toddler who has her own mind and gets frustrated as her desires outpace her abilities. Throw in the fact that she still isn’t sleeping through the night and well, I sigh.

However, this doesn’t mean that Sweets (cheeky pea, Terror etc) isn’t awesome. She is! She does still generally do her best to please and can be utterly gorgeous. Her language continues to develop at a steady pace. One of her first words was shoe (shi-shoe), I think because she knows “shoes on time = going out time”. Other “first words” include Mama, Dada and Yai ja. Since then she has learned fish (‘ish), up (UP! also means Pick Me Up!), more (Moor, often accompanied by her version of the sign for it of both hands to her chest), car (ca), down (dow!) and (awesomely) Bubble (bubblebubble, sometimes we blow bubbles and she likes them).

She has also started in on symbolic play and likes to cuddle her baby doll and put it to sleep (there is much patting and shushing involved). She has also occasionally given her baby doll food and drink.

Sweets loves “This is the way the lady rides” on our laps (or anywhere) and will sway and go “hmmhmmm”) on her own if you happen to stop before the “farmer rides” part. Also, horses “clip clop” rather than neighing.

She is still obsessed with animals, in particular dogs and cats, probably because she gets to see them and pat them. Star and Jazz Master Sv took us to the zoo the other week and Sweets loved it, however, she easily spent as much time looking at the other kids around as she did looking at animals. Also, apparent a Peccary is a cat and a sun bear is a dog. Just so you know.

In non-Sweets news (???!!!), I recently GM’d my first game in over 10 years! Yikes! It was my darling Jenni‘s Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon. I’m pretty sure we all had fun, but then considering my players (Muggle, Beau, JM Sv and Star), that was almost guarranteed. We didn’t quite finish, so will be doing that later this week. Maybe I’ll blog about it, probably I won’t. However, I have quite enjoyed GMing. Mostly what I don’t like about GMing is the prep and there isn’t much prep in a game like Silver Kiss. Would def be tempted to GM it again. I also played in it the other week, which was awesome.

Other stuff I’ve done this year, made jam (rhubarb and ginger), sewed an a-line dress for my god-daughter, made 7s costumes, went to and played games at Kapcon, went to a movie (Tangled 3D, it was cute), made myself a fabulous felt hat.

And back to Sweets, check her out in this youtube clip 🙂

Point of fashion: warm autumn afternoons
Current Obsession: Beau’s exam results

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