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36 + 1

I’m going to have to stop being lazy and using weeks and days of pregnancy as a title. Partly because it implies a countdown, something which mentally is not a great thing for me to do, since the likelihood of Sweets being born on EDD is *low*. I can do better with titles, I’m sure. I can do better with blogging too. Didn’t mean for this blog to turn into a pregnancy blog, I do have other things in my life to blog about, it’s just, I’ve been lazy with blogging in general and I do really want a record of some of my thoughts surrounding the whole pregnancy thing.

Now for those who don’t know (and many don’t), 37 weeks is considered term, ie, if I give birth then, Sweets will be considered fully cooked and not at all premature. However, the “standard” time for a pregnancy is 40 weeks (nevermind that you probably didn’t conceive until you were 2 weeks along by that counting method). People like to tell me that first babies are often late. I like to tell me that Mum had us all a couple of weeks early. I really don’t want to be in hospital or still pregnant on Christmas day. But it’s not just for me, it’s for Sweets’ benefit too! Noone wants to share a birthday with Jesus. Please do not correct me on this.

I kinda love how my Mum really thinks I’ll have Sweets early, she’s saying the 6th of December. Now, Beau doesn’t want Sweets *that* early, ’cause he has actually had to book time off for this. Yup, his work is not really ok with him saying, “I’ll take 3 weeks off from Giffy going into labour”. Nope, they wanted dates and a letter from the midwife saying that I really was due in that time frame… which is all a bit ironic when you consider where Beau is working. So, Beau has booked 3 weeks off, 1 week before the due date until 2 after. This is another reason I don’t want Sweets coming late, what if Beau has used up his leave? Rubbish. On the plus side, he only has to walk down the corridor from his work place to get to the delivery suites and maternity ward.

I have a whole other post about preparations for Sweets… so I think I’ll do that seperately.

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