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Something old is new for me

For those who don’t realise, I really, really, really would like the baby to be born before Christmas. At this stage, the earlier the better (I’m over 38 weeks now, so baby really is full term, estimated due date is at 40 weeks). I’m trying a bunch of stuff to tell my body that now […]

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False Alarm, False Alarm

So, I had plans for this weekend, plans involving gardening, tidying the nursery, crafting. I didn’t manage any of that (accept for a tiny amount of ironing for crafting). I did manage a bunch of other stuff though! On Saturday, I had a midwife appointment and I was displaying some of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia, […]

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36 + 1

I’m going to have to stop being lazy and using weeks and days of pregnancy as a title. Partly because it implies a countdown, something which mentally is not a great thing for me to do, since the likelihood of Sweets being born on EDD is *low*. I can do better with titles, I’m sure. […]

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33 weeks 2 days

Currently I am counting down. Not to the due date, but to the day I finish work, next Tuesday. So many things have been put off to then. This includes doing any Christmas present organising, packing a bag for the hospital, washing copious amounts of baby clothes, actually sorting through the things that people have […]

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29 weeks 5 days

So, I’ve been having to tell myself recently to not take everything my body does (pregnancy wise) personally. It’s not like it’s out to punish me. I don’t blame baby (which is good, right), but I do occasionally rail at Beau. After all, how fair is it that I: -can’t roll over in bed without […]

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