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False Alarm, False Alarm

So, I had plans for this weekend, plans involving gardening, tidying the nursery, crafting. I didn’t manage any of that (accept for a tiny amount of ironing for crafting). I did manage a bunch of other stuff though!

On Saturday, I had a midwife appointment and I was displaying some of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia, namely trace protein and oedema (swelling, well in my case puffy ankles and fingers). Normal blood pressure though. Anyway, no biggie, midwife just wanted me to get my blood and urine tested on Monday. Unless I started to feel ill or the oedema got worse. I didn’t and it didn’t, so no biggie. I didn’t make it to Hivemind’s party however as was having a hard time staying awake. What a nana.

Good thing I got that extra sleep though, ’cause some time during the night, my Braxton Hicks, which had been quite frequent but painless over the last few days, decided to become painful, although not very painful. I kept waking up, but managing to get back to sleep again. I didn’t even think that they might be “real” contractions until about 10.30am. Even then, if I was in early stage of labour, there wasn’t much I could do except continue on as normal. So, I had lunch with Beau’s family (his brother was down for birthday weekend) and then we went to my parent’s for a maternity photoshoot. Got some nice pictures too 🙂 After that it was family dinner with my whanau.

Nothing much was happening with the contractions, so I was mostly just uncomfortable, but Beau and the rest of the whanau were getting quite excited. We went home and bed at a reasonable hour and they stopped sometime after 4am. I was pretty tired and achey for the rest of the day. Quite pleased that things had changed either way though. Would not want to have that happening for days on end. Unfortunately my bloods came back that afternoon a bit marginal (according to midwife), so I was told to get me to a hospital on Tuesday. Again, no biggie, no rush, but to make sure I got into the Obs clinic mid-morning. I asked what was likely to happen; most likely, more testing and maybe booked in for follow up tests; worst case (and unlikely), I would be admitted and booked in for an induction.

Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty good thanks to a nice long bath and wheat bags on sore tummy muscles the night before. Beau, Mum and I made our way to the hospital and I was told it’d take about 4 hours and could I please pee into this cup. Le sigh. More blood taken, Sweets was monitored, my blood pressure was taken, I got given a packed lunch, more blood pressure checks, more monitoring, some feeling around of my belly and at the end of it we were both declared perfectly fine.

So basically, some excitement, but all is back to normal. Except that Beau and Mum both feel a bit let down that they haven’t got a Sweets to cuddle yet. I’m quite pleased to have a bit more time as I still haven’t cut my wrap out yet!!

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