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{ Monthly Archives } July 2009

When you get lemons, make lemonade

I do and it is seriously awesome. Well, I make lemon cordial and use that to make lemonade. It’s all good. I can’t remember the first time I made lemon cordial. I know I made it with my Granny though. Lots of my first cooking experiences were with Granny. All that I can recall were […]


Trying that knitting thing, again

So, a few years ago, I kinda got into knitting. Not enough to make anything big, but I totally ruled at garter knit scarves made out of fluffy wool. I also managed at least one beanie and a pair of fingerless gloves. I bought wool, needles and TWO books on knitting (the stitch and bitch […]

Provisional Membership

I am currently a provisional member in a club. It’s one with a long family tradition in *every* family, so you’d think maybe anyone could get in. You’d be wrong. No men allowed! Although there is a Man’s Auxillary. After that, the membership criteria can get a bit funny. At one end are women desperate […]