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5 months and 2 1/2 years

I have thought so, so many times in the last few months that I must blog about the girls. But life is just so busy that I don’t. Also, facebook, it’s so insidiuous at using up internet time. I’ll go on for just one second and an hour later. Sigh. Anyway, this may be rambling and not make much sense, but I shall blog!

Mogles just changes day to day to day. She started as a small little pea and now! Roly poly in every way! I think the actual rolling she is doing is now reducing her arm, leg and neck rolls. She has been trying to get me to feed her solids for weeks, watching and grabbing and drooling on anything she can get her little scrabbly hands on. I finally succumbed this evening and the whole family enjoyed watching the funny faces she pulled as she grabbed, tasted and then flung away her steamed vegetable. She is normally a cruisy wee thing (she frequently charms people by smiling at them and allowing them to cuddle her) and is happy to go along with what we’re doing, but she really doesn’t sleep enough in the day. I feel guilty about it as I don’t have time to help her sleep the way I did with Sweets. Mostly because we are too busy doing stuff with/for Sweets. It’s weird having mother of second child angst. Sweets is probably her favourite person in the world. Sweets is the one who definitely gets the most giggles out of her. It is the happiest noise 🙂 Must record!

Sweets is a gorgeous gregarious creature. She loves adult attention and will be heard saying “Will you play with me?”. She sings! I love it so much. Hearing her little voice warbling out various disney tunes and nursery rhymes. She does a pretty impressive version of “Circle of Life”. She is also amazing at playing on her own. She gets various animal toys and takes them on bus rides, puts them to bed etc. A common storyline she plays out is a little animal calling for its Mama. She loves it so, so much if someone joins in a plays a character. Current favourite names for the various characters are “Gitty” and “Gota”. Who knows?

<3 Mogles is unsettled so I must to bed and cuddle her until we both sleep. Laters.

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