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Creepy crawler (7 months)

So, Mowgli can now commando crawl. She started doing it a bit over a week ago, after a couple of months of rolling being her main method of moving around. I took a video of her a couple of days after she started and I’m sooo glad I did. In the beginning she sort of caterpillar humped/lurched and dragged herself around, sometimes launching into a roll as her balance got out of whack. Now just a week later, she is much better, more like a little lizard wriggling along the ground. She can go quite far, quite fast. She does silly things like get stuck under our bed.

The improvement in movement has happened at the same time as a desire to get things she wants ASAP. She frequently wants whatever Sweets has and if she doesn’t have it, she shrieks her complaints. The other thing she often wants is to be carried around. She will want me to pick her up and will crawl into and then onto me to ensure this will occur. Sometimes I am too far away so the crying out begins. She is also a heffalump, so I have had a sore wrist, from lugging her around, for about 3 months. Sigh.

She is lucky she is cute!

We also took Mowgli for her first ever swim! Sweets loves going swimming and it’s something we do as a family and then once Mowgli was born, something she would do with Beau. Naw for Dada-daughter activities. Anyway, other stuff has meant she hasn’t been for a while and now Mogles is old enough, so we all went together. They both *love* it. I wasn’t sure how long Mowgli would last as she was very tired when we got to the pool, but it was Sweets who tired out first! Awesomely they both fell asleep in the car on the drive home. Cute peas.


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