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6 month celebrations

Mogle’s 6 monthaversary coincided with Te Papa events featuring both her Yai and her Kuia! My Mum was involved in the celebration of the Thai Queen’s Birthday aka Thai Mother’s Day, which the local Thai Community group and Embassy decided to celebrate with a traditional Thai Wedding. 9 couples were involved, they had the grooms challenge and water blessings like we had at our wedding. They also had displays of Kiwi Thai art, by a friend, thai fruit carving and Thai dancing.

My MiL is involved with a display of Maori cloaks and was an in house weaver! She is weaving a cloak of flax (harakeke) and pukeko feathers. Beau’s oldest sister and her husband were down from Auckland and his FiL and younger sister came by Te Papa too.

Great for Mogles and Sweets to see so many family members and involved in such diverse activities 🙂

In other news, a memory I don’t want to forget, recently we were on holiday and driving between Tauranga and Auckland. I went and sneaked a piece of chocolate and hear a sniffing sound from the back seat. “I smell choc-o-late!”. My wonderful daughter!


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