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{ Monthly Archives } February 2010

Harvest what ye may

Okay, so our garden, which I blogged about a while back, was a bit of a failure. Basically, we planted a whole bunch of stuff and then the weather went insane (2 hailstorms in the following fortnight, a whole lot of gail force wind, etc) and most of the stuff died. Sad. We still have […]

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Time for Baking

Baking is something that I can find time for. Mainly because you can put baby to sleep, then begin measuring, then go put baby back to sleep, do rest of measuring, then mix and put in oven. You’ve then got some blog reading, laundry folding TV watching time and if baby does wake up, that’s […]

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Immunisations are Traumatic

My baby, Sweets, (aka sweet pea, little pea, squeaky pea, chubby cheekums, Cheekums McGee, the chombilator) is now 6 and a half weeks old and in NZ if you believe in immunisations, you get your baby immunised at 6 weeks. So off to the Doctors we went. Both of us got a clean bill of […]

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A wealth of friends, an embarrassment of gifts

Our Sweets is now a little over a month old and still continues to delight us. She’s a good girl who eats and sleeps and plays. Not much more you can ask for in an under 6 week old (she also wees and poos, but that isn’t really interesting unless you are a parent). We’ve […]

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