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Sweet 16 months

Sweets is kinda going through a gorgeous phase. She is a playful, affectionate and generally happy wee thing. Examples, one night she woke up needing to go to the toilet. I picked her up and took her there. She did her business, told me she’d finished (she says “ishish” and does her baby sign) and […]

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Silver Kiss LARP – an NPCs POV

So, this weekend past, I crewed in the debut run of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon: The Live Action Roleplaying Event written and run by my fabulous friend, Jenni Dowsett. I’ve played in and even GM’d the tabletop version and when I heard Jenni was writing a LARP version, […]

Weekend for me

So, this weekend been I spent most of my time in Regency dress. This was significant for a few reasons, 1) I made my ensemble 2) I was out at both public and private events 3) I left Sweets home with Beau 1) The stuff what I made consisted of a boned petticoat, a white […]

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Busy Day in the life of Giffy and Sweets (15mo)

Sometimes Beau will come home and ask me what I’ve done in a day and I feel like I must justify my existance as a Stay-at-home-Mum. I feel like he is demanding evidence to show why I get to stay at home and he goes to work. At times like this I often blank and […]


The teenage months

So, people talk about the terrible twos, what they don’t tell you, is that they start when they are one. Yup, you have this gorgeous biddable baby who turns into a toddler who has her own mind and gets frustrated as her desires outpace her abilities. Throw in the fact that she still isn’t sleeping […]

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So, I have a one year old and like all normal one year olds, she is amazing. This morning I woke up (Beau was letting me sleep in) to the sound of her hooting. Sweets is really into making animal noises, she barks for dogs, aiows for cats, hisses for snakes, clip clops for horses, […]

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Wait… I have a 10 month old?

Sweets (aka Grumplestiltskin, the wiggler, Gumbersen, lovely bubbly, the Terror, curious George, cute pea) continues to change and amaze and is going through a freaking adorable stage (no bias of course). She does so much stuff now, it’s crazy. Please exuse me as I record and gush over her… She loves clapping and claps along […]

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Toileting the Baby

So, I’d heard about “Elimination Communication“, but I thought it sounded like too much work. My idea of it was people not using nappys at all. Apparently this is possible. However, the thought of trying to get the energy to deal with all that and a newborn… *shudder*. However, when Sweets was 6 months old, […]

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Almost 6 months!

Ok, so I didn’t want this blog to be all about my baby and life as a SAHM, but that’s what I’m busy with all day, so, Oh well. Sweets (aka Scratchums MacClaw aka Wriggle Bum Biggle Bum) is turning 6months next week. She continues to thrive and delight. She’s doing more *things* now, which […]

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First Cold, first food

Sweets (aka Dougal, bubba goose, and “Noo Noi khong khun Yai”/Granny’s little mouse) is now almost 5 months old and is still doing well. She is currently in the throws of her first cold (a jumped up sniffle, no fever or cough), but continues cheerfully with the aid of saline drops and karvol sprinkled cloths. […]